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New Look 6457: Strapless Sundress

3 July 2010 20 Comments

Please ignore the crazy lighting and cropped feet. I took this photo with socks on because I needed a pedicure….lol.

Pattern: New Look 6457

Pattern Description:
Dress pattern with gathered skirt, back zipper, 5 different top options, and purse. The bodice is unlined.

Pattern Sizing:
6-16 (I made size 12)

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
I made View B. My dress looked similar to the illustration.

Were the instructions easy to follow?
I made this dress a couple of years ago during my first year of sewing. From what I can remember, the instructions were pretty straight forward.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I really like the piping on the bodice. I was a beginner sewer when I made this dress and I did not gather the waist evenly all the way around. I didn’t notice this until after I inserted the zipper, so I wear it with a wide belt to camouflage the imperfections.

Fabric Used:
A black and white cotton print fabric.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
I didn’t make any alterations. However, I omitted the bow at the waist.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
I purchased olive satin fabric and gold piping a couple of years ago, but I haven’t gotten around to making it again.

Conclusion: I highly recommend this pattern. This is one of my favorite sundresses!

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  • Victoria said:

    Hi Carla,

    This is such a lovely dress on you! I love the fabric and pattern combination!!!! BTW, nice blog. I look forward to following you on your sewing adventures:)

  • Susan - Knitters Delight said:

    That came out fantastic! I found you on PR – you are their featured member. You have some beautiful work.

  • Bibah said:

    Love it Carla! you are stylish and funny. lol at cropped feet :-)

  • Carla (author) said:

    Victoria: Thank you for the compliments! I’ve been following your blog since January. I admire your dedication to sewing and impeccable work :)

    Susan: Thanks so much. That’s so cool that they featured me so soon after writing my first review.

    Bibah: haha. Girl, I had on black dress socks and sandals (don’t ask :-), so cropping was a MUST.

  • Ebony said:

    Wow Carla, this is a very cute dress and great blog!

  • Bibah said:

    ok yeah you were dead wrong for the dress socks and sandals.. thanks for sparing us :-)

  • Kari said:

    Hi Carla!! I am making this exact same dress for my friend’s wedding in October, not going to lie, little nervous! I tried pattern C for my very first sewing project, and I about threw my machine out the window!! I’m hoping this will be a more pleasant experience! I think this dress is just beautiful!! I’m using chocolate brown fabric with pink accents. I’m even doing a pink petti coate for add oomph!! :D

  • Carla (author) said:

    Hi Kari, I had some help with this project from my sewing teacher, but I don’t think it was difficult. Let me know how it turns out! Good luck :-)

  • Kari said:

    Oh Carla! What did I get myself into?! I’ve gotten as far as stay-stitching the bodice, not even putting it together yet, and I’m already confused BEYOND belief!! I don’t understand what they mean by “clip side edge of front to stay stitching in the curved area…stich clip curves”!

    I will figure it out, one way or another! :D

  • Carla (author) said:

    Hi Kari,

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re already stressing. I pulled out my instruction sheet and I actually made some notes on Step #1 (from my sewing instructor) so that means I was confused too. The “curve” they are referring to is the downward sloping curved part at the top of each of the side front pieces (when you look at the diagram in Step #1 immediately underneath the arrows). For this step, I wrote “do not clip, just pin with the curve”. So I would just ignore that part and just pin the side front pieces to the front section as shown in the picture and sew them together. I think the pieces should fit together if you pin carefully and “ease” the fabric so you won’t have to clip anything. I hope this helps. Do the same thing with the bodice back in step #2 and then sew the front section to the back section at the side edges (remember to line up the notches and put the right sides together :-).

  • Carla (author) said:

    PS: I also wrote “stitch top to bottom”. I’m not sure if this matters. I also have several notes for step #7, so let me know if you get stuck and I will try to decipher them. Also, you can make this dress without the piping if it’s intimidating.

  • Kari said:

    Thank you so much Carla!! I FINALLY figured it out…and by figured it out I mean went to my neighbor and asked if she knew what the heck to do!! The piping wasn’t as confusing as I thought, I have the top almost done!! I stitched the skirt, that was the easiest part!! After I figured out the bodice, this dress is fairly simple!! Thank you so much for your notes!! I think I’m getting the hang of things, now I’m thinking of what my next sewing project will be!! :D

  • Carla (author) said:

    Hi Kari, Sorry for the delay! I’m so glad you figured it out. Did you finish the dress yet? How did it turn out?

  • Chris said:

    Hi! I made that dress last summer, I love it too! :D I’m getting ready to do Dress E and I googled that pattern to see what was out there abou it and found you, Love your site!

  • Carla (author) said:

    Thanks, Chris. I hope to see you more around my blog.

  • CallMeSu said:

    So cute! It looks lovely!

  • Carla (author) said:

    Thank you! It’s still one of my favorites.

  • Sarah said:

    What a useful blog…thanks! I am in the middle of making the 6457 dress and am VERY stuck on stage 7. I read above that you had made some useful notes at this stage…would greatly apreciate some advice! I have added the band and folded it over the top of the bodice but cannot press or sew it down properly as it doesn not want to fit! It sewed on beautifully mathing up in all the right places, but since I turned it over the top it doesn’t want to lie flat. Instead it has 2 big creases on the front…aagh! How did this part work for you?

  • Carla (author) said:

    Hi Sarah,

    Hmmm…The notes on my instruction sheet were actually about aligning the round part of the piping with the bottom of the fabric because this was the first time I had ever used it, but it sounds like this isn’t your issue. I’m not sure where the creases are. Do you have a photo? You can send it to me at carla [at] insertnameofmyblog.com

    FYI – You can call New Look and see if they can help. I’ve called some of the other pattern companies before when I got stuck and they were helpful.

  • Tara said:

    Carla, thank you for the blog :) Sarah, I am making this same dress and having the same problem. I’m waiting for an email in response from the company, but am wondering if you figured out a solution? The dress is for NYE and I’m worried that they won’t respond until after the holidays. Thanks!

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