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I’m back! (and I’m super excited about my latest vintage book :-)

27 September 2010 4 Comments

Wow! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I posted in my blog. I’ve had a lot going on! In August, I had to get my logic board replaced so I was without my laptop for a week. I am practically glued to my laptop (no exaggeration), so being without it was excruciating! After I got it back, it took me a couple of weeks to catch up on everything in my business. I just completed an extensive web design project that kept me up until 4AM every night for several weeks, so the last thing I wanted to do with my precious little free time over the past month was spend more time with my laptop and WordPress in order to post to my sewing blog. I haven’t even had the desire to browse vintage sewing patterns, so you know things were definitely hectic!

Sadly, I haven’t had time to make anything since I made the convertible wrap dress in August (I’ll post the details when I find the memory card with all of the photos), but I hope to change that soon. Now that things are starting to settle down a bit, I’m looking forward to finally getting started on my DVF wrap dress and catching up in the sewing blog world.

Despite my sewing drought, I did manage to finally find a copy of the extremely rare vintage pattern drafting book, Pattern Drafting, Vol III (yes, you read that correctly) published by Kamashura-Shoba Publishing in 1972. This is really exciting for me because one of my goals is to learn pattern drafting and I want to learn the Asian method so I can work my way up to drafting the patterns in Mrs. Stylebook magazine (unlike Mrs. Stylebook, the books in this series are published in English and Japanese).

If my memory is correct, I’ve been surfing google regularly for this book for almost a year (I am notoriously bad at estimating the passage of time) and I’m so glad I found it at an affordable price (approximately $53 US dollars including shipping from Australia) because there’s no way I would pay $350 for the one that’s currently listed on Amazon! (it’s really not that serious for me).

And I am extra happy that I actually paid a little bit less for Vol III than I did for the first two volumes (I was expecting to pay more), and I am even more thrilled that my collection is now complete! I also have Dorothy Moore’s Pattern Drafting and Dressmaking book and Patternless Fashions, which also demonstrate the Asian pattern drafting method that forms the foundation for understanding Mrs. Stylebook patterns. I am a lover of vintage 70’s patterns, so I love looking at all of the possibilities in these books (Vol III alone includes 197 styles).

The book is currently en route to me from the other side of the world and I can’t wait to hold it in my hands, even though I probably won’t have time to use it until 2011 because I will be very focused on writing my own book during the coming months (no, it’s not about sewing :)…

So now that this collection is complete, what’s a hard-core sewing book collector to do? I guess I will return to obsessing over collecting all of the books in the Bunka Fashion College pattern drafting book series (*drool*).

If you’re interested in reading more about how fabulous these books are, check out Cidell’s post over at Miss Celie’s Pants.

Let me know if you have any of these books in your collection and if they’ve helped you with understanding Mrs. Stylebook!

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  • Bibah said:

    Welcome Back Chica! I missed you :-)

  • Carla (author) said:

    Thanks, girl. I missed you, too. Have you been crocheting?

  • Myra said:

    Sorry about your Laptop! I have a question…why Asian pattern drafting? Is it easier to learn than anything else? That’s one of my goals too and I’m looking for good instruction books. Thanks for a great post!

  • Carla (author) said:

    Hi Myra,

    I’m no expert but I’ve read that the fit is superior. I’m the type of person that likes to learn nontraditional ways of doing things. I’ve seen some stylish patterns in Mrs. Stylebook and I like the idea of drafting patterns based on my measurements instead of tracing patterns from magazines (i.e., Burda), so that’s what motivated me to learn the Asian method. Also, I like a challenge and it seems more complicated than the other magazines I’ve seen :) There are some good resources online: http://sewing.patternreview.com/cgi-bin/article.pl?id=041608

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